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Never worry about a surprise cloud bill again

Cloud Kill Switch puts automatic bill controls on your cloud provider that prevents you from incurring a large bill.

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Learning shouldn't keep you up at night

Pinpoint your budget

You can set your budget as low as $1, putting you back in control of your cloud bill!

Protect your money

Cloud Kill Switch is the only place you can install these protections to protect your money.

How does it work?

Get protected in less than 5 minutes

Step 1

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Login with your cloud provider

Securely provide authentication details or sign-in with your cloud provider

Step 2

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Customize your protection

You decide exactly what resources you want to turn off and when

Step 3

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Rest easy

After the small one-time payment, rest easy knowing you have the best and only protection against a surprise cloud bill you can have.

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Stop worrying about a surprise cloud bill

Get peace of mind in minutes by using the incredibly simple and intuitive process Cloud Kill Switch provides.

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